In Exquisite Cords, artist Lisa Moro has imagined a future world where our DNA not only shapes our physical traits but also influences our personalities, behaviours, and even our destinies. She challenges conventional notions of identity, free will, and the nature versus nurture debate. What role does genetics play in defining who we are? Can our DNA predict our future with uncanny accuracy, or are we ultimately masters of our own fate?
We invite you to contemplate the profound implications of genetic determinism and the interconnectedness of all living things, and ultimately ask you, what kind of future do you want?
Lisa invites collaboration from the community in preparation for this exhibition and the Allsop gallery will be open on the following dates for visitors to support her creative process;
Sat 4 May | 10am – 1pm 
Wed 8 May | 10am – 1pm
Sat 11 May | 10am – 1pm 
Lisa is asking participants to help place knotted DNA cords which will be part of the exhibition, come along to help make the cords with the materials provided which will form a special code. 
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