I am a woman whose arms were full of babies for a quarter of my life. This experience left me concerned with the lot of women due to our biological capabilities and the consequences of these. Once my arms were freed I could start to make art work about the issues I could only think about before. My digital capabilities were the first to emerge with one had free on the computer whilst breastfeeding. As time has continued I have added to these skills with augmented reality, film making, and print making. I use satire as a way of engaging with my audience and encouraging them to think more deeply about the issues I am exploring. However, beneath the surface of my art, there are always deeper, more serious issues at play. One of my recent works, for example, explores the international surrogacy industry and the impact of this industry on the resulting child. I am deeply concerned by the ways in which this industry has deconstructed an intimate act inside a woman's body and monetized it, turning it into a series of separate transactions that can include sperm and egg purchases, embryo creation, the birth mother, and the birth itself.
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