♥ Hearts ♥ Red and White Folk and Plaid Design Origami Paper


☆ Make decorations, cranes, lilies … garlands and displays.

☆ Great for valentines hearts or Christmas decor.

☆ 100 sheets of feather design origami paper.

☆ Two designs with a heart and plaid pattern.

☆ Please see other listings for assorted packs.

☆ This paper is 80gsm weight and the size is a standard 148 x 148mm. The pattern is printed on one side, the reverse side is white.

☆ You can make a display of 100 paper cranes as a gift or to use in home decoration.

☆ This paper can be used to make paper cranes, and can equally be used to make paper lilies or origami boxes. instructions are included.

☆ Paper cranes can be made as a good luck charm for a wedding. 1000 paper craes mean good luck, and also make a fantastic display.


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Weight 250 g


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